With Leasing Resources of America, you get much more than human resource outsourcing. You get freedom.

You built your company from the ground up. You expected sleepless nights and uphill battles but nothing prepared you for the endless paperwork and continually evolving complexities required to effectively manage your human resources. It’s become crystal clear that getting professional help is the smartest path to meet the ever-changing HR demands and give you back the time you need to lead your team to victory.

You want to partner with the best, but it takes a lot more than textbooks and calculators to be an HR expert. It takes years of in-the-trenches experience, time to develop tried and true strategic relationships and proven results with a diverse client base.

PEO/employee leasing that’s loaded with benefits

Leasing Resources of America has been there, done that when it comes to every aspect of employee leasing and human resource management. We’ve helped thousands of business owners put HR costs in their place, turn risk on its ear and remember why they went into business in the first place.

Lean on LRA for expert advice, administrative support, accelerated buying power and strategic relationships—everything you need to motivate valued employees to stick around and stay at the top of their game, satisfy complicated and continually changing regulations, and fuel the bottom line. When it comes to human resources, benefits, payroll and workers’ compensation you can count on us to find a solution that works for you.

Trust, honesty and commitment are built into every LRA solution. These values, combined with our skilled staff of business-savvy professionals, comprehensive and creative options, plus affordable rates, explain why we consistently exceed expectations and enjoy long-lasting relationships with our clients. We’d be honored to join your team!

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